How  To Wow

Humans of Work will be your strategic and branding partner to Wow the Humans at your Work. Pandemic has changed the way organizations are communicating with their employees. Its no more about just attracting, hiring and retaining them. Today, employees are asking if they truly belong. They are looking for shared vision and are hungry to grow. We will work with you to build your employee branding and communication.

Become  A Talent Magnet

A 150% increase in the hiring funnel growth. Ask HOW! Recruitment is more than just hiring. You can find skill, but what you need is personality and culture-fit. Don't just post jobs, inspire dreams! We create hiring campaigns that reflect the true personality of your brand. Talk to us to know you can #BreakTheChain and attract & retain the right kind of talent.

Burnout  To Break Through

Humans of your work feeling off-track? Demotivated? Burned Out? Worry-not! At HOW, we have the magic potions that can bring your teams together, make them feel valued, empower them while having fun, and engage them with exciting activities.

Elevate  Your Conversation

More often than not your internal communication emails are going unread! Employees are getting more and more overwhelmed with emails and messages, but you know how important those messages are. Reimagine the way you communicate with them - bring in storytelling and trigger curiosity. we work with organizations to craft impressive communication formats that don't just get read but are also talked about.

One Company,  One Culture

Your organization culture reflects the ideology and principles the company has nutured. Have you defined and designed it so it sticks and makes an impact on your employees? Discover, Ideate and Design organization culture that mirrors your principles, vision, dreams and aspirations. Using Design Thinking as the core framework, we work with you to define your organization cullture and build strategy to instill it.

A Journey  of Self Discovery

Continuous learning is at the core of any organization. Talk to us about the various knowledge workshops we have in store for your teams. Every workshop has been designed using the principles of Design Thinking, making them immersive and engaging. From workshops on corporate storytelling to learning to collaborate remotely to leadership & strategic training - we have them all.


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